Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our first trip to Mammoth

We made it to Mammoth for a week of snowboarding (for Ryan & Zito) and returned unscathed!! Eli was great on the road - sleeping 4 hour stretchs in the car; and at night - he slept a minimum of 5 hours (once he slept 7!!!!) Here are a few pics:

Everyone at the Charthouse for dinner our last night

at the condo chillin and droolin

We had a good time, but it's nice to be home too!


Brendon said...

Sounds like y'all got a nice little getaway. Did Ryan and Zito drool on their shirts like Senor Eli? That is amazing that he crashed out for such long stretches. Maybe it's a sign that he's an outdoor kid! Maybe the Native American spirits were communicating with him up there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eli, Grammy Chris and Tripp will be visiting you for your big day Jan 10th first birthday. I cannot believe Eli, that you are already 10 months old. This year has flown by to quickly. I'm moving in my new home real soon. Then it is packing our luggage for California. I'll be holding, hugging and kissing you soon. I love you so very much. Grammy Chris