Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Eli

Dear Eli,
Yesterday morning, I stood in line for 45 minutes to vote. Voting. Something that in past elections I always thought of as an obligation. Yesterday I realized what a privilege it is. When I grew up, it was never an issue. Everyone had the right. Men, women, black, white. But as I stood in the line and stood with the ballot in my hand, I was overcome with emotion. I was no longer voting just for myself. I was voting for you. Voting for your future. Voting for a world I want you to live in. A world with no limitations on you, or on anyone. I chose a black man for president. I chose to confirm that everyone has the right marry the person they love.
Today, the gravity of it all hit me and I became overwhelmed with emotion. The way people can be treated so injustly and be dehumanized and how sometimes, on very special days, we are able to overcome, forgive and be restored. I wish the elation we feel today could happen without the injustice. But there is no yin without the yang, I suppose.
So, as disappointed and disheartened as I feel that the majority of people in the state of California took away a fundamental right of their fellow citizens, I believe someday soon it will overturned. Because I know I will teach you what your daddy and I belive: everyone is equal, no matter what they believe, no matter what the look like and no matter who they love. I have faith that someday soon everyone will believe those things, too. Because I know you will, and you are the future. Your heart is open and I promise do everything in my power to keep it that way.
The world isn't perfect. That was clear last night. But it is certainly getting closer.
I love you,

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Anonymous said...

E & R & E,

That was a lovely statement you made. It makes me feel grateful that you guys are our friends.

Russell & David