Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh, yeah. I have a blog...

I've really been meaning to write here. I mean it. REALLY. Time seems to have slipped on past me as it has been a non-stop party at Casa Gentry. First, we celebrated Eli's birthday. Then MLK day and Obama's inauguration. Who can forget Superbowl Sunday and Valentines Day. And Presidents Day. Then Ryan and I went to Cabo for our friend Chelsea's birthday. With no Eli (he had a party with Nana and Papa). And we had FUN. Now all the parties are done. And I feel guilty for having fun. Not guilty for having the fun, per se. I just think Eli is jealous I had fun without him and he's not pleased. Daddy can have fun without him and it's fine. Not mommy. How, you may ask, do I know this? Because he refuses to say "Mama". He was all about Mama before we left. Now, it's a constant barrage of "Dada", "Nana" and "Papa". Oh, don't start him on "Papa" - it's his favorite. My feelings would probably be hurt if it weren't so damn cute. So for now, it's just mommy guilt. So you know, the guilt is the best part of motherhood, in case anyone hadn't told you.

Anyway, in Eli news...there are 2 new teeth, which makes 11 total. Number 12 should be popping up shortly. And he's really starting to learn. Quickly. He's gets it. Go ahead...ask him where his nose is and he'll poke at his face in the general vicinity of his nasal area. He's not very accurate, which makes me slightly concerned for when he learns where his eye is. He may lose one. I can't worry about it now. That's what I've learned. Only worry about what body part they might lose today. What happens tomorrow, who knows. His best trick, so far, is asking him where his belly button is. Lifts his shirt up, practically over his head, for all the world to see. He's quite the little exhibitionist. So today, I'm thankful he's not a girl.

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Chic Runner said...

Girl. Those shoes are CUTEEEEE and so is your son. I've creeped before. ha ha :)