Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our First Trip to Boston

Ryan, Eli & I headed back to Boston over the weekend to see Grammy, Grampy & the rest of the family one last time before they move to South Carolina next month. We had a very full schedule of visitors and restaurants but Eli was a terrific traveler. He slept the whole way there on the redeye and for a few hours on the way back. Here are some pictures of the weekend:

30-32 Exeter Street
Bella & Eli
Eli & the Bald Eagle
Not happy with the menu optionsEli's first lobster friend
Eli, Grandpa Mike & Ryan
Declan, Eli & Bella Ryan & KevinVictoria & EliDebbie & Elizabeth & the babies

Eli, the Bald Eagle & RyanAll the residents of 30-32 Exeter Street

1 comment:

Uncle Mikey said...

I can't believe the house is gone...I worked out there with you, had cars stolen from there, watched accidents happen in front of the house...damn. I can't believe it's been 19 years since I first went there with you.