Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time is flying

It's been another month and Eli has grown more. He's off the charts - 20.2 pounds and 27 3/4 inches. And "very advanced" (per the pediatrician). Some of the things he is doing:* Rolling all over town!* pushes himself up* can sit unsupported for a few minutes at a time, & can sometimes "right" himself if he starts to tip* will rise to standing from lying down if you pull him up* grabbing toes and putting them in his mouth* grabs things with both hands, pulls on toys, holds his bottle for short periods occasionally* rocking back and forth on knees* making new sounds, vocalizing - changing pitch* Eating solids: Rice cereal & oatmeal. Veggies: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, peas. Fruit: Applesauce & pears. Starting peaches or bananas later this week and * sleeping 8:30-6:30 most days!

Thursday night we take our first plane ride as a family to say "adios" to Ryan's childhood home in Massachusettes. Grammy sold her house and is moving to South Carolina!! It will be a quick trip but Eli will finally get to meet all of his cousins! We can't wait. Wish us luck on the plane and that Eli sleeps as good there as he does at home!!

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